Saying hello to Unity in my own way

Because I haven’t really coded in C# until now, and I haven’t used Unity, I had to create some kind of “Hello World” project to figure out how everything works in Unity, and I did. The scenario is: asteroids are heading to Earth. To destroy them, tap asteroids of the same colors, so they will collide, do that as fast as possible, and see how many you manage to destroy before Earth’s health reaches 0%.

I ended up with:

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Unreal Engine 4 available at $19 a month

I’m late, but not too late. Just found out that anyone can get the Unreal Engine 4 now for just $19 a month. I’ve been asking myself since last year about a possible release, and here it is finally. I did once try to play around with the engine, but I did not have the energy to learn unreal script, and I abandoned it. Now the engine uses c++, so sooner or later I will be sure to check it out.

As so new features, well I haven’t went through the technical details yet, but the demos I saw on youtube kinda paint a picture with the engine’s abilities. It appears that the Epic keeps trying to make the “you need an army to make a game” thing go away, and that makes me very happy. One of the most important things is the market, to which everyone who has bought the engine will have access...

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So here we are finally, setting up the environment for PhysX.

Fire up your IDE, make a new project, go to the project settings, and add the following to your Include path:

  • …your path\PhysX\Include

And for the lib path:

  • …your path\PhysX\Lib\Win32

And lastly, add the following to your LINKER:

  • PhysX3CookingDEBUG_x86.lib
  • PhysX3CharacterKinematicDEBUG_x86.lib
  • PhysX3CommonDEBUG_x86.lib
  • PhysX3DEBUG_x86.lib
  • PhysX3ExtensionsDEBUG.lib
  • PhysXVisualDebuggerSDKDEBUG.lib

Notice how we use DEBUG libs, and not release libs. Obviously, you should always use the DEBUG libs whenever available.

Now make a new cpp file, if you haven’t created one already, below you have the full code for a basic initialization, put it in your cpp file.

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I’m back!

I haven’t posted too much lately, its been a really busy period. Anyway, I decided to temporarily stop the work on my 3D engine and move to the realm of 2D. I already made a game (WordMaker), but I found the development with the engine I had chose not too… relaxing. Anyway, I finished it, it could’ve used some polishing(if you play it you’ll see some badly placed ads) and its released.

Now I moved to Unity, and programmers love nothing more than a well documented engine, and that is what Unity actually is. I’ve been reading and working on a my “Hello World” type of game for Unity, just so I get used to the whole development process with it. However, Unity uses C#(I know it supports Javascript and Boo too but…...

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How to test ARMv7 apps without an ARMv7 device

I just realized, that Unity only exports for ARMv7, and the only android device I have around is v6! I tried to use the default emulator but apparently, that didn’t go well at all. In the end I just wanted to find a way to see if my app actually works on Android, and I did.

Its called Bluestacks and its free. You can test any android app, directly on your desktop. And it apparently uses the actual GPU, and not the CPU, to be fair, I did see that its quite fast. I tested the game I’m working on and I was happy to see it works fine.

Sure, probably any sane person will suggest that an app should be tested on at least 1 real device, but you can always ask a friend, or someone you know online to do that, once you’re happy with how the game works on Bluestacks...

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Moving to Unity

Even before I came close to releasing WordMaker, I decided to move to Unity. That is because cross-platform development is still a headache in 2014, and with Unity, the headache goes away. I managed to get WordMaker to work for Android, Windows Phone 8 and Win32, even though currently I only released it for Android.

After playing a little with Unity, I was stunned at how easy it is to test your project on pretty much any device. Select Build & Run, select which platform you want, and its done! Its true that I coded WordMaker in C++, and Unity supports only C#, but I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t have to search which standard C++ function is not supported and what not.

Planning on publishing another small game next week...

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WordMaker 1.0 is out in the Play Store


What happens when you get an idea about a simple game that should take you 1 week to make? You start working on it, and 2 weeks later you become angry because you haven’t finished it already. Anyway, today I finally launched the game. I’m not expecting even a low number of downloads, because just now I have noticed that there are a couple of other games like this one in the Play Store.

This game basically lets you chose a language, from: English, Russian, Spanish, French or German, and then give you the letters of a word which you have to put in order in less than 35 minutes. The faster you do it the more points you get. The points you get can later be spent in the store, when you might need help solve a word you can’t figure out.

Here’s the link to the Play Store, check it out if you wa...

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Freelance programming jobs suck

   I’ve always hated searching for freelance jobs. Take your average freelance website: you find a job you want to do, and then you try to apply, only to find that there are about 20 people with a 100000+ rating on their profile, and then there’s you,with a zero rating! How is anyone supposed to win a job that pays more than 4 dollars?! The usual strategy is to take jobs that pay close to nothing for quite a while and get yourself a decent profile review, but that can take months if not years!

Another problem is this: I was browsing a certain website that is specialized in programming jobs. I found a job that I liked and I decided to apply...

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Saving Mr. Banks short review(no spoilers)

  I always enjoy a good biopic, but I always hate an average one. Mostly because if a biopic doesn’t grab you and take you on a roller coaster of emotions, you’ll end up watching a 2 hours long movie(if you manage to stay on it), and at the end you’ll ask yourself why did you lose 2 hours of your life watching something that is plain and simple boring and uninteresting.

So, what is “Saving Mr. Banks”?  an interesting or boring biopic? Well, all I can say is that it’s one of the best for sure. There wasn’t one second that bored me. I can’t talk about how well each actor looked and felt in the movie, all I can say is that every single one of them just fit perfectly. The movie has a good cinematography, and a great subtle ost. You’ll fall in love with P...

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Is Bitcoin done? No!

     So,in case you haven’t heard yet, a big exchange “company” that people used to change bitcoin into dollars and viceversa was supposedly hacked, it lost millions of dollars, leaving many people without a chance to get their money back. Because of that, the media started making assumptions like “bitcoin will disappear”, which only made me laugh. And this was all based on the fact that bitcoin dropped in value, like it did not drop in the past thousands of time, violently fluctuating in value….

Bitcoin does not equal Mtgox, and yes, while the hacking makes people question the security of this whole “bitcoin world”, I would kindly suggest that anyone who has doubts about bitcoin, should read a little about it...

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